Turf - An NFT Project
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Turf is a casual ultraverse world built upon 5041 unique NFT plots. We aspire to connect all of the awesome projects of Web 3.

So this project minted already? Yup, our rabid fans snatched everything up in under 30 minutes! We are grateful for their support and thank the grand geographer every day. However, you can always buy on secondary!

Are there benefits of owning a plot? Yes, the most immediate benefits are our plot utility tools. Turf is meant to be a community building place and so we’ve made a bunch of web3-centric functionalty. More info here.

So you guys just keep building? Believe it or not Turf is kind of our hobby and we love to add on ideas that come to our brains. Being part of our community isn’t just about being on Turf, it also means being part of our creative process. Our fans really do inspire the paths that we tread. We have a strong conviction toward the future of web3 and thus want to help bring about the necessary tools to make this a succesful world.

What is a casual-ultraverse? We think of Turf like the nexxus between all of the awesome web3 projects. Much the same that the prehistoric internet was connected by tiny tubes we want to build similarly - an interchain super highway if you will. That definitely sounded cooler in my head.

Can I build on top of my plot? The plots are in fact NFTs with locked traits. Though we do from time to time customize and update the way they are visualized within Turf Chat. This can be special night modes or even extra touches we hand illustrate as nods to our beloved plot holders.

What are Turf objects? These are nfts that we give away to our plot holders every now and again, via the gifty program, which currently unlock special avatars. We plan to one day build interiors into all buildings which will be decorated using Turf objects.

What the heck is a founders pass? Turf founders passes were minted early on to help us generate the necessary funds for the genesis minting. In appreciation for the folks who bought them we’ve promised to give back through future perks! This will come in the form of free mints as well as special edition nfts for founders only.